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Its main characteristic is that all the elements such as shapes, colors, volume, and mass represent real objects that can be easily recognized by the viewer as it creates a strong and undeniable connection to the real world.

In these collections, you will find as many characters, stories, moods, and emotions as you can imagine.

But let’s be honest. Sometimes trying to understand abstract art is not that easy, and that’s when you can rely on my artist’s review.

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The Amazon Collection


The Amazon Collection is a set of 4 small-format mixed media paintings (7.5 in x 2.16 in on  average), made on scraps of policover , commonly used to protect documents.

I found a bunch of sraps once when walking on the street, and immediatly saw an opportunity to create something with them.

I respected the little irregular shape of each of them (which can be distinguished from passe-partout measures)).

Then, I decided to paint animals from the Amazon, upon the irony of a subject whose characters are so fragile, represented on a material that hardly degrades.

Each Art Print Set Includes:

  • 1: 1 scale digital offset print of each of the four original works.
  • Framing
  • Certificate of authenticity by the artist
  • Insurance and international shipping cost (DHL only)

Biography of
Aurora Bueno Celis

Hi and thanks for visiting my page. My Name is Aurora Bueno. I’m a visual artist born in Colombia (South America) and during the past years, I’ve been living in a small city a few hours away from Bogota, in the capital of the Colombian plainlands.

I was born in Santander, the land where the revolt for independence started in the 1700’s where the colonial architecture is still present in the centre of almost each town, with stone roads and walls made of organic elements from the soil. Nowadays the capital is admired for its urbanistic modern appearance.

I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Santander, from 1970 to 1974, and started working with sculptures, drawings and paintings. 

Then there was a national event summoning artists in Colombia through  an art competition, in the times when Fernando Botero was reaching a great international exposure, and the eyes of the art world were gazing at more talented Colombian young artists.

Among more than a hundred artists, my sculptures were selected and awarded with an interesting amount at the time, as well as an invitation to participate in an individual exhibition. 

Once again, in addition to my sculpture, one of my pieces  (a conceptual artwork) was purchased and both became part of the Museum of Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango (nowadays the permanent art collection owned by Banco de la República (Bogota, Colombia), where can you find pieces by Henry Moore, Pablo Picasso, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Marc Chagall,  and Fernando Botero.